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Yahoos Babelfish brabbelt

yahoo’s babelfish babbles

Hi, there!
Hey, what can I say? I’m sorry. Really, I am!
BlogStats is telling me that someone used the „Yahoo Babelfish“ to get a translation of my site and it looks like this (you Germans, lean back and enjoy):

In own thing (1)

Jelto told me letztens that he was on my side, and asked, what I would sing. : – o
Without large to draw back I told only that I take singing instruction and sing above all classical pieces. In addition, that is correct, is only one part of the whole truth;)
Gladly I would rehearse volume for example again with that and would arise then also finally times. Only we are four all young fathers,…, also those …

This is what it looked like in german:

In eigener Sache (1)

Jelto hat mir letztens erzählt, dass er auf meiner Seite war, und fragte, was ich denn singen würde. :-o
Ohne groß auszuholen erzählte ich nur, dass ich Gesangsunterricht nehme und vor allem klassische Stücke singe. Das stimmt zwar, ist aber auch nur ein Teil der ganzen Wahrheit ;)
Gerne würde ich zum Beispiel wieder mit der Band proben und dann auch endlich mal auftreten. Nur sind wir vier alle junge Väter, ja, auch die…

This reminds me of a letter, my family got several years ago. A former exchange student who went back to the States wasn’t sure of her ability to write us an email in german. So – she used one of those babelfish-solutions on the web. We had a blast. It was hilarious. I can’t recall everything from it, but thanks, Mary, please write again soon. We really would love to here from you.

My goal was to translate as much as possible – but sadly – I have to say – can’t manage it in my spare time. So please, if you find a topic here that you’re interested in, please contact me and let me know. I certainly try to translate it myself better (or find someone who will translate the posts here) – at least better than some babelfish from Yahoo is capable of.

By the way: „in eigener Sache“ could be translated as „internals“, „in-house news“ or „editorial“ – actually „in own thing“ really leaves me baffled.


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